Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 3 - Life as a Post-Op Bariastric Patient.

My 2 week post-op doctor appt went very well - I was given a hug and a big thumbs up. Doing very well. I am able to move up to the next food intake level. But do you know what? If the shakes weren’t so unappetizing to me, I’d be OK with not eating anymore. I’ve gone 18 days without a single bite of food. I did have a drinkable yogurt or two, and a Jamba Juice on a day when I ran out of drinks and “just had to stop” for sustenance (and sanity).

Except for the fact that I think I forgot how to chew, I am so excited beyond words to be able to eat food again this week. Yeah, it’s yogurt, soup and applesauce, canned fruit, and soft meats like fish and deli-sliced meats, but it sure as heck beats 4 protein shakes and water for 2 never-ending weeks!

I went to a concert Friday night – something I booked tickets for month ago, not knowing that my surgery would happen so fast or that the dinner package I usually get (i.e. STEAK and POTATOES) isn’t on my approved-to-eat-yet list. If only it were next month… oh well. I split an appetizer with a friend for my “dinner” and had a few glasses of wine. Pretty good for my first bites of food! Overall, I spent a great evening with friends, and as always, J.R. Richards’ show was amazing and I left with super happy spirits! So happy, I went to see him and more friends on Saturday at a club in Redondo Beach on the pier. Good times!

I’m doing great with my new lifestyle. I can tell my husband is starting to cut back his portions a little bit after seeing what I am eating. For example, we were all out shopping one morning and we were running late on time. We got back after 12:30 so I drove through Burger King on the way home. My usual lunch was a double cheeseburger, small or medium fries (depending on how much I had to share with the kids) and a large diet coke. This time, I took less than ¼ of the cheeseburger and 7 fries. No diet coke. Heck, my toddlers ate more than that. But it was all I needed. Seriously, it was like I had to force myself to eat that tiny bite of burger. I know my husband looked at my plate and had to have thought to himself that it was going to be impossible to survive on that lunch, but I certainly did! I think it’ll sink in when I am about 50 lbs lighter and still eating less than a 1-yr old. But after eating a BK Veggie, a large fries and a large diet coke, my hubby would normally go look for something else to eat or even make himself a sandwich… but this time he didn’t. Good for him. :-)

I went to an impromptu birthday party this weekend too. It was at a Mexican Restaurant. My kryptonite. Chips and salsa… I could eat a whole swimming pool of fresh chips and salsa if I could! But chips and salsa are a no-no just 2 weeks post-op. So, I sucked it up and ordered a margarita instead. (It’s a tough life…) For dinner, I ordered a cheese enchilada and beans. Both approved post-op, pro-tummy foods. Now how much can I leave on my plate without offending the hosts? Hmmm. A tough one. I managed to eat ¾ of the enchilada and half my beans, so I think I did a good job. I certainly felt more than full afterwards, and kind of bad for having eaten too much so soon. I topped it off with one bite of chocolate cake. So much for following the diet foods of light fish, light cottage cheese, and egg whites, huh? I’ll be good for the rest of the week.

Oh, but then there was the movie that I took my Twincesses to on Monday. I bought them a kids pack to share that had candy, popcorn and a drink in it. Torture…. Or was it? Not really! I had a yogurt for breakfast and I was still full! I had maybe a handful of popcorn. Like 15 kernels max. I took 3 sips of their ICEE. I didn’t touch the candy. And I was OK! I didn’t have the craving to stuff my face the entire flick, like usual. At the very least, I always have a giant diet coke … but not this time. And I was OK! I cannot believe how easy this new lifestyle is, especially when your stomach isn't telling you that you are constantly hungry. It is surprising – I thought I’d have a much harder time. I am so glad I did this! Can I just say I love those oBand guys?!??!

One night this week, I caught myself reaching for a bag of chips after the kids went to bed – one of my standard triggers from my old life. I figured I may as well have some, so that I don’t start to feel deprived. Deprivation over a period of time just ends up in a binge situation, so if I give in to the urges, I imagine I can keep up the good work. So I got out the baby food bowls and dropped in a few large chips. With a “full bowl” of chips, I chowed down, enjoying each bite. Point to note – no cheese dip, no ranch dip, no French onion dip; just 5 Ruffles and I was happy.

I got to meet with Joe Grande from the oBand Center this week. He’s in marketing and is one of their star graduates. He brought his camcorder and we shot an impromptu 4-minute video of my story for the oBand’s website (and my Facebook page, of course!!!). Read the story here.

My voice-over commercial spots for oBand start airing on KKGO (Go Country 105.1) on Labor Day. It is going to be insane hearing my voice on the radio. My kids are going to freak out. My friends are going to freak out. I haven’t told many of them yet but I know a handful of my buddies do listen to the station. I can’t wait to hear their reactions! My mom can’t wait … she’s told everyone she knows. I guess she figures it’s not a secret if I was going to put it on the radio that I did this surgery.

Weighing in at the end of week 3? Total of 21 pounds down from pre-op weight. One full dress size down from pre-op size. The weight loss is slowing down, but I am eating again and all the excess water weight is gone, so it’s to be expected. Plus, with the exercise I am doing now, my body is still shrinking even if my weight remains the same. (Muscle weighs a lot more than fat, yet takes up a fraction of the space.)

What medical conditions have l resolved or reversed in 3 weeks?

• I have no more edema. The excess water weight and inflammation has been painful, especially in my lower legs, ankles and knees. But now it’s gone. Not only do my legs look so much better (no more “cankles”) but the pain of the excess water is gone.

• I am able to walk up and down stairs like a regular person instead of taking “2 steps” to per stair. (My left knee has a torn meniscus and was unable to hold myself up when I lifted my right leg to climb.) But, with the inflammation now gone, the pain isn’t there anymore either. Unless, of course, I overdo it at the gym (eh-hem).

• My menstrual cycle was right on time, which is surprising because I had a phantom period in July (all the physical symptoms, pain, and ten times the attitude, without the icky mess). It was still exceptionally heavy, but not as exceptionally super heavy as it has been in the past 4 years. I wonder if it will continue to get lighter as my weight reduces? I wonder if it will show up every month as my weight reduces? I wonder if it will show up on time as my weight reduces? I used to have to take The Pill in order to know when I was going to get my monthly gift.  Is it possible that my body can do this without the use of drugs?  We will have to wait and see.

What’s next to reverse or go away? I am so excited to see what else is going to happen!


  1. Hi! I'm following from MBC. I would appreciate it if you would follow my back. I'm glad you've had so much success with your lap band procedure. Keep up the good work!

  2. So good, so good. :)))), Mom

  3. Hi! Fellow twin mom and new follower here. Just wanted to say "way to go"!