More About Tami

There are many things that tickle my fancy or that I feel burdened to share.  I may focus on one topic for weeks or months (though let's hope not!) or I may be totally random on any given day.  I have strong opinions but reserve the right to change my mind.  After all, a woman who doesn't change her mind, doesn't have one.  Either way, here are a few things that may come your way if you subscribe to this blog!
  • all things twins (I do everything in pairs...)
  • all things pink and purple (can you tell I have 4 little girls?)
  • my 20-yr struggle with my weight challenges and my incredible journey to lose 200 pounds (yep... you heard right.  I'd be happy with 150 pounds lost, but let's just put it all out there, shall we?)
  • funny/stupid/ridiculous/awesome things my kids did
  • funny/stupid/ridiculous/awesome things I did
  • musings about other people (those who I know, those I don't, and the occasional celeb) and the funny/stupid/ridiculous/awesome things they did
Got it?

Contact Tami: or twitter: twinfactoryx2

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