Thursday, August 11, 2011

oBand blogspot #2

I used to weigh in almost daily right after the surgery, excited to watch the scale leap downwards. Of course, after the initial weight fell off and I “leveled off”, I was discouraged that I wasn’t still losing 5 pounds a week! In fact, once I lost 10% of my body weight, I plateaued for almost 6 weeks. But, I kept working at it diligently and got over that plateau; and was delighted when the scale starting dropping again. Now I weigh in much less frequently. I let my clothes and my reflection be my guide. I actually enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now… my shape is really starting to look much smoother and I am wearing clothes I had boxed up 12 years ago and expected never to see again! Since most of them are out-dated, I allow myself to splurge on a new item or two as I keep dropping sizes. (On a side note, I put on a T-shirt I wore a lot last year, and it imply looked ridiculous on me this summer! I loved that feeling!)
It’s been two weeks since I’ve “weighed in”. Last year, that statement might have caused me to break out in a rash, have heart palpitations, and become drenched in sweat. This year, I seriously look forward to jumping on the scale! This morning’s result? 87 pounds lost since surgery date! Two weeks left to my “anniversary”! Will I reach 90 pounds? That is such a huge goal… and one I NEVER expected to see – even in 5 years –just by diet and exercise alone.

Thanks Dr. Naim!  Thanks oBand Surgical Center!


  1. Woohoo this is so great!! (I havent been by in such a long while so it is great to read of your progress) doing a happy dance