Thursday, July 7, 2011

oBand blogspot #1

I just voiced another oBand commercial today.  How lucky am I to be tied to such a great company (both oBand and Go Country 105, of course!)?! 
And this is the blogspot I created for the Go Country 105 microsite on their webpage:

I have never successfully lost weight with a diet or exercise regime, certainly never more than 40 pounds at a time, and kept it all off longer than 3 months. Once I got bored with it or my body became used to the change, I usually I gained all the weight back, and then some extra, just for safe keeping. I finally gave up trying because if I ignored my weight problem and food intake, I would gain slower than if I tried to diet! So when I initially learned of the LapBand, I was pretty skeptical. I doubted it would work for me… nothing else had. When I decided now was the time, I was still insecure at first. But I figured if I only lost 50 pounds because of the procedure, it would still be 50 pounds I could not have lost on my own, and I would have the tools in place to maintain that weight in the future. Why wait?

After attending a few seminars and doing some research on the procedure, I connected with oBand Surgery Centers and met with Dr. Naim. The staff at the oBand Center are great, and they were confident this would work for me. I became confident that I would be successful, too. My goal was lofty, in my opinion… I wanted to lose 75 pounds in the one year after my surgery.

My life-changing appointment with Dr. Naim at the oBand Center was almost 11 months ago. I never dreamed I would meet AND then exceed my goals. To date, I have lost over 80 pounds and now I hope to exceed 85 pounds by the one year anniversary of my new lease on life!

Check in on me in about 6 weeks, will you? I will be the one shouting my joy from the rooftops!
photo credit:  see earlier credits in prior blog entries