First and foremost, I have to sincerely thank two companies from the bottom of my heart for helping me change my life, thus inspiring this entire blog thingy.

GoCountry 105.1 FM / KKGO, Los Angeles

Without this station being in my life, I wouldn't have met such wonderful people to work with.  Seriously, everyone there is awesome.  They truly care about me... and I care about them!   

It so happens that the station has a great client, oBand Surgery Centers.

People at both companies got together and helped me begin a journey to end my daily frustrations and challenges that came from being severely overweight.  Morbidly obese.  Like really fat.  No, seriously, REALLY fat.  I need to lose 200 pounds. 


The obvious reasons ...  to reverse or relieve obesity-related conditions such as PCOS, Sleep apnea, osteoarthritis.  Obesity is a disease.   Obesity doesn't only happen to some lazy person who stuffs themselves to excess with fatty foods.   It's a whole life-long symbiotic relationship with things like food, hormones, energy levels, exercise (or lack thereof), disease... and yes, often it stems from poor eating habits.   I've tried the diet thing for years.  I've lost the same 20 pounds over 20 times.  But after a point, even if the eating habits change for the better, only a very drastic lifestyle change is going to take the weight off for good. 

Other reasons?  I have 4 of them.  They are beautiful, smart, talented, and stunning.... my 4 little preschool-aged girls.  What kind of example am I sending them as to what a woman / mother / wife should be, when I can't take care of a major life-altering problem such as my weight?  The girls always tell me that they want to be "big like me" when they grow up, and I just want to cry!  I don't want them to be diseased, uncomfortable, sick, unhealthy, and fat when they reach adulthood because it's the look I modeled for them when their fragile minds and budding esteem awakened and became aware that mommy is very different from other mommies!  If I don't make that change now, where will I be in 5 years?  In 10?  Will I even be alive to see them graduate college?  Get married?  Have children of their own?

I will be 40 in two years.  I will either be 40 and fat, or 40 and fit.  I am choosing the latter... the option that has LONG LIFE in it.  The option that will let me be "normal" and be a good role model for my little girls.  My older girls start kindergarten in the fall of 2011.  It is now the fall of 2010.  I have a year to drop 120-150 pounds before my kids go to school.  It is SO motivating to slim down enough to where I am not an embarrassment to them when I take them to school every morning and pick them up in the afternoon.  I should not be the reason they are singled-out and teased on the playground!  I have another year to go to drop the remaining 50-80 pounds, and sculpt and tone my body.  By the time the fall of 2013 comes and my younger girls begin their classes, the fat mom I used to be will be a faint memory.  The new and improved mom - one who can chase after silly little girls and CATCH them - will be in charge.

THANK YOU Go Country 105 and oBand Surgery Centers.   You just saved my life.

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