Monday, September 6, 2010

The Towel Doesn’t Lie!

I got out of the shower last night and wrapped my towel tight around me.

I glanced at myself as I passed by my large bathroom mirror. I realized two things just then. 1) When I wrapped my towel around me and tucked in the ends around my chest, the towel felt more secure than it had in a while. I think there was more actual towel in my “knot”. And 2) When I saw the reflection of my towel around me, I didn’t see my exposed lower half… I’ve not been able to wrap my towel around my hips and butt and actually have the darn thing cover myself entirely in a very long time! As a matter of fact, instead of the sides of the towel which normally flirt with each other and touch only when I clutch them together, those bad boys overlapped by 4 inches!!! I had 4 inches of coverage!!!

The towel doesn’t lie… I’ve lost 4-5 inches around my hips and probably 2-3 around the top of my chest. It's only been three weeks!  I'm kinda giddy.

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