Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

My little “poor me” rant from earlier this week was apparently ill timed.

One of my besties… a mom I met in a breast feeding class during our first pregnancies four and a half years ago… is FINALLY back from an interim 5-month relo, 2000 miles away. I have missed her fiercely. She used to live 15 minutes away from us, but bought a house 25 minutes away (no problem there!). However, due to my summer relocation in the opposite direction, she now lives 80 minutes away.  Hmmm, maybe I could convert her... 

Her oldest daughter is our missing triplet. The Twincesses LOVE being with her. And it turns out that her 18-m old daughter, now "so much older" than before she left a half lifetime ago, gets along great with my 2 yr old Twinados.  All is good in Princess Land.

Far Away Friend came over to play today and to see our new digs for the first time. (Skype just wasn’t cutting it!) It so happened that during our visit, I was lamenting to her about my lack of ability to find playmates out here. She had read my blog post and lurked so she understood my frustrations. She’s now finding herself in the same boat having just returned from her extended trip away. It’s like she’s starting all over again because the connections she had in her Mommy World have all moved on when she was gone.

After a few urgent requests from the Peanut Gallery Princess Land, it was decided that a walk was needed. My gaggle of girls and the Nanny, and my Far Away Friend and her girls, and I went to our community park to play. And what happens? A mom with a 2-yr girl (and a 5-yr old girl, who was at school this morning) comes across the street into the park and joins us.

Apparently New Mom’s girls have played with my girls once before when Nanny was in charge last week. She joined us, and we quickly exchanged pleasantries. (OMG, now’s my chance!)

I practically jumped all over her when I found out she had been a 3 yr resident of my neighborhood. I wanted the scoop, the gossip, anything to make me feel more connected to the place we have decided to call home for the next 20 years. In our short visit, I learned the Halloween customs around the neighborhood and also discovered that the roof on the house I just bought is relatively new, unlike the reports we received that said the roof was older. I also got to hear the juice on the house across from the park that we bid on initially, even though we were ignored during the process as if we weren’t good enough to live there. I got validation that it’s not US, it was THEM (the bank) that had issues getting the place sold. Whew. Then New Mom said she needed to go because her Big Sister was due to get out of school soon.

But before she left, an amazing thing happened. New Mom got out her cell phone and asked for my number! Yeah, I played it cool... as I stealthily poked Far Away Friends leg so hard, I may have punctured something.

But I floated home on butterfly wings and Far Away Friend told me that “I still got it” … and it looked so easy. My faith in Womankind and Mommy World has been renewed.  All is well in my world.


  1. LOL, I love you Tami, Great post! ps. I think I DO have a bruise from when you swiped me.

  2. Oh, I'm using Jason's account, in case you wondering why he's declaring his love for you. It's really Toni.

  3. HA HA HA HA! And darn, I was hoping it was Jason.

  4. I know it was making ME a little nervous!!! Great post, Tami. It all takes time - new friends don't always happen overnight. As you and your girls get involved with school and church activities, you will find a lot of new friends. Welcome back, Far Away Friend!!!

  5. Good for you! Being your best friend years and years ago I know you have alot to offer. Don't let the OC chicks intimidate you. Usually when they have their nose so high up they have major insecurities themselves. Go Tami! You Rock!

  6. I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award and would love for you to come by and pick it up when you have time.

  7. Yayyyy! I was so thrilled for you by the end of this post - nicely timed!