Friday, September 3, 2010

Lie to Me

I lie all the time. And you do too, huh?  Admit it! You do, too. But there are degrees of falsehoods, right?

Your daughter got into your makeup bag and made herself “pretty.” She's got lipstick on her neck and eyeshadow up to her hairline. You tell her she’s the most beautiful being to have ever walked the surface of this earth.

Your child runs to give you sticky, gooey kisses and a mud-covered hug. You think maybe the bottom side of your outdoor garbage bin might be more sanitary at this point. But you hug and kiss him square on the mouth anyway. You tell yourself that you won’t get sick. You tell yourself that you aren’t totally grossed out. You really believe yourself too. I believe you.

Those are harmless lies, right? You might actually believe you are indeed telling the truth. Really.

Your 4-year old’s goldfish dies. You buy another as soon as you can. He asks why Goldie got fatter all of the sudden. You tell him that you accidentally gave him too much food last night.

You remind the kids that if they are nice, not naughty, then Santa Claus will bring them lots of presents on Christmas!

You have a disagreement with your husband over a heated topic and you raise your voice to one another within earshot of the kids. Your toddler starts to cry. You tell her that everything is fine.

Is it really?

And then there are the bold-faced untruths that aren’t very subjective in nature. They are flat out LIES! Like these winners that have come out of my own mouth recently.

“Mommy’s starving just not hungry.”

“Go play quietly.  Mommy’s blogging working right now”

“Exercise is so much fun!”

And my favorite:

“Sorry, honey, Disneyland is closed for the summer.”

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