Friday, September 10, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Top 10 cute things my kids have said recently.

1. (my #2, when we moved an hour away and had to "start over") “Mommy, I love our new house, and our new school, and our new church, and our new God!”

(from left: #3, #1, #4, and #2) 

2. (my #1, while wearing a tiara and blanket as a wedding gown, to my #2 as she chases her hysterical sister through the house). “I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!! I REALLY REALLY WANT TO MARRY YOU RIGHT NOW!

3. (my #2 in response to my #1) “ I don’t want to marry you. I never want to marry you. I want to marry Prince Charming! I want to marry a Daddy!

4. (after watching the DVD extras of Shrek 10 times in a row) #1, running around the house "shaking her groove thang" and singing/screaming, "I'm too sexy for my shirt!"

5. (After we passed a diversity awareness billboard with half of a white, blue eyed man's face, and the other half was a dark skinned brown eyed woman) #2 says "one white, one brown" so I reply, "but we are all PEOPLE.” Then #1 says, "yeah, but we all wear different shirts."

6. Says #2 to #1, "you can't call me DUDE. I am NOT a DUDE. I'm a BIG GIRL!!!!"

7. (#1,2 & 3… at one point in time, after I squeeze their cute little butt cheeks), "No, mommy! That’s not a squeaky toy, that’s my bottom!”

8. Upon saying to #2, “you’re awesome!” she responds “no, I’m Allyson!”

9. Upon seeing the giant heart on this month’s calendar with R + T on it, #1 & #2 asked what that meant. I told them it was the day when Daddy and I got married. Since then, they look at the calendar and tell me that it’s my “Married Day.” They also put their princess’s brides dresses on their dolls, exclaiming, “she is wearing her MARRIED dress and her MARRIED shoes!” (Can you tell my 4 year olds are obsessed with weddings already? Thanks, Disney Princesses and the Nanny, for that contribution. Yes, 19-year old Nanny is obsessed with weddings too. She may spend too much time watching “Say Yes to the Dress” with them.)

10. In our world, we don’t have stores like Target, Walmart, etc... No, we have The Circle Store (Target), The Star Store (Walmart), The Joe-Joe Store (Trader Joe’s, in honor of that cute monkey they hide), The Diamond Store (Sam’s Club), The Lunch Shop (any fast food place other than McDonald’s), Old McDonald’s Shop (the aforementioned Mickey D’s), Grandpa's Chicken Shop (good ole KFC), The Orange Square Store (Home Depot), and The Biggest Movie Ever (movie theatres). There is pretty much no other reason to go to any other building, ever.

Tell us, what has come out of the mouth(s) of your babe(s)?


  1. Well, wasn't out of my kids mouth, but my friend's 6 year old daughter said to me ... "I like your boobies, they are nice and fat!". Can I blame that on nursing an infant?? Out of the mouths of babes is right!

  2. These really did make me laugh out loud!

  3. Oh Anonymous, that's HYSTERICAL! Nice compliment, eh? Sort of? LOL!

  4. OMGosh - your girls are ADORABLE!!! And I LOVE the comment!! ;)