Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The funniest place you've ever nursed or changed a diaper!

I was just visiting MomBloggersClub website and saw a title that tickled my fancy...  I clicked on Granola Grizzly Mama's site to check out her latest post. First of all, I liked her name.  Random thing about me... the vast majority of my new mom friends (i.e. friends I met while pregnant or BECAUSE I had kids) are the more naturalistic "crunchy" breastfeedin', natural-birthin' kind of mamas.  And I am so not.  But I think I would have been if my circumstances were different.  I digress...  The post was about the funnier or more unusual places Granola Grizzly Mama nursed her babies "on the go," so this is my take on it (which is pretty much like my response on her posting, but I added to it!)  And, I just had to change the rules. 

If I could recall all the places I've changed a diaper on the fly, that would be an impressive list. For the past 4 1/2 years, I have had at least 2 in diapers and for well over 1 year, I had 4 in diapers. No... my kids aren't still peeing themselves into the 3rd grade... I just had lots of kids in under 2 years. :-) I am the queen of changing twin toddler girls both in under a minute flat. It is possible, so long as it's just pee! So also note, when I am changing one diaper, chances are, my other 3 are strapped into the car, a stroller, all of them cloistered in one toilet stall, or out in public and told to hang onto my shirt with the fear of God put into them that if they let go, they will surely regret it.

So... I've changed diapers:
  • in a car (in the trunk, back seat chair, back seat floor, drivers and passenger seats and passenger floor, and with child standing on the tailgate)
  • at a park
  • at the mall
  • in grocery stores
  • at Disneyland (in line at a ride)
  • at the zoo (on the tram)
  • on the Queen Mary (out on the deck)
  • at the beach
  • at a concert (during a song, of course)
  • at church
  • on the ledge of a pool
  • on a bus bench
  • in a booth at a restaurant (yeah, I'm one of those moms but only if I am certain no one will notice what I am doing)
  • at a bar in a country club (did I mention I was one of those moms too?!)
  • on the set of Dexter, Two and a Half Men, Ghost Whisperer, and According to Jim (yep, studio exec's just love me for that... and Charlie Sheen may have been slightly annoyed)
  • I am sure the list can go on and on and on... but my memory is pathetic sometimes.
But the BEST one? Just happened this week. I was being questioned by the police and I changed the crappiest, nastiest diaper ever right in front of the cop with a gun and a clipboard.  I mean, my poor kid had a nasty diaper and was whining about it, so was I going to make her sit in it for another hour?  Nope, because that's the kind of mama I am.

Do I win?  Or can you top that?!

Photos courtesy of Google Images

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