Thursday, December 16, 2010

The plateau has been conquered!

So my recent post about plateaus keeping me down?  Not so much anymore.  I busted through that bad boy finally... right at Thanksgiving, which is so random!  And, I'm steadily losing weight again.  About 1-2 pounds a week, without much on the exercise front.  Again I wonder to myself how much weight I would have lost had I been pumpin' iron, running around the neighborhood or hittin' an eliptical machine!

I'm just too busy!  I work out of the house twice a week where I am gone from the house 8-12 hours, and take care of 4 busy little girls, along with my nanny.  When she is working, I am also working -- on my blog, for my clients, on household chores, paying bills, deep cleaning projects, art projects, little things ... like sending cards, buying gifts, etc., cooking, and occasionally taking a little nap.  And today..., well today I got another job.  Yeah, I know, I'm like that Jamaican Family from In Living Color back in the 90s who each had 7 jobs... yep, that's me.   I'll post more on my new job later.  I'm really really excited and you will certainly hear more about it.

Until then, I'm off to keep looking for my newest au pair, as dear Nanny is leaving us in just 8 short weeks!

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