Monday, November 15, 2010


I started tracking my diet and exercise with an online site (  Wow, epic fail on my part!!!  Well, not that it's a fail that I use the site, but a fail that I have totally blown out my goals!  But maybe its because I never really established goals to begin with.  All my life, I have avoided goals because I really don't want to be reminded when I come in at 80% of them.  Anything short of 100% is failure, right?
Anyway, new goals are:
Food = 1,600 calories
Exercise = 30 minutes walking daily (I really need a dog!) and 30 minutes resistance training on the gym machines 4x week. 
I want to start doing sit-ups/crunches too.  However, each time I try, I end up throwing out my back within a few days.  Must start slow... 5 of them, then increase by 5 every three days or something like that.  I just get bored and forget to follow up by a week into a new routine!
I chose 1,600 calories a day because that's about the bottom level of the food I've consumed in the past week. 
11-9............... 1,640 calories, 2 hours of walking (yay for Disneyland!!!)
11-10............. 2,311 calories
11-11............. 1,927calories
11-12............. 1,441 calories
11-13............. 1,817 calories
11-14............. 1,622 calories
Of the most highly caloric food I've eaten, the homemade macadamia nut white chocolate chip cookies I *had* to buy from my kids' preschool (which thankfully are gone as of tonight) and tortilla chips and salsa are my evil evil evil snacks.  They represent 400-600 calories I don't need.  How rad would it be if I could keep my intake at 1,000 calories and actually exrcise every now and then!
So while I may have failed all over the place and back this week, at least I have idenitied the culprits that I didn't think mattered much in the grand scheme of things.  But, yeah, they do.
Gym tomorrow AM for SURE!  Then Disneyland for my 2 hours of walking.
Is there any way to hide this post??  Really, I sound pathetic.
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  1. And I am happy to report that within 48 hours of this post, I lost 1.2 pounds. Whew! Keeping the calories below 1400 and actually putting out some effort to sweat = good sense and dropped lbs.