Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Beautiful.  Adorable.  Happy.  Loving.  Cheeky.

All words to describe my kids during a photo shoot we took as a family a few weeks ago.   I couldn't even wait until tomorrow (a typical Wordless Wednesday, which I've never even done before.... so why start now, right?) to post these photos for the world to see.  

Are you ready for supreme cuteness?

And supreme silly loving cuteness...

And sassy goofy party time!

I love my girls!!!!!

Photo Credit:  Tracey Meyer Photography  (http://www.traceymeyerphotography.com/)  714-985-1914


  1. OK, that is ADORABLE! Totally makes my ovaries ache a bit!

  2. Doesn't it though? You and I make a good pair ... with my diseased cysty ovaries and your confused angry uterus. I sent a lot of prayers skywards and shed a lot of tears to get these girls. My heart aches for your journey too, SIF. But I agree with one of your morning commenters, you WILL be a mom one day - you just won't know which door will lead to the successful path. You have TIME. *Hugs*