Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Rise to Fame

I am so nervous, people!!

Wednesday night is going to here fast. I have committed to holding webinars regarding the LapBand procedure for oBand Centers!  What does this mean to me?

1.  I have to actually give a crap what I look like in front of the computer. It’s easier when you’re a guy with no hair! Eh hem, Joe.  This is a glimpse of what it will look like... except that isn't me!

2.  I have to make sure my computer and phone is completely charged up because wouldn’t that just be embarrassing if I suddenly dropped connection in the middle of the webinar!

3.  I have to find a quiet space in my house where 7 people regularly clamor around in an unspoken contest to see who can exist the loudest. Interestingly enough though, I worry more about my cat noisily joining the session than I do my 4 little ones!

4.  I have to be in a good mood despite the fact that I had 2 crowns put in at the dental office today during a grueling 5 hour appointment! (I do everything in pairs, apparently….!) And if I end up on the pain meds, I have to purposefully act as if I’m not blissfully looped out of my mind on narcotics or pretend I'm not in such agonizing pain because I had to put off taking them until after the webinar is over!

5.  I have to announce this webinar to the greater LA and OC area… and with the internet access, I guess it means the entire known universe is capable of registering for the webinar. My newest commercial will air on KKGO (http://www.gocountry105.com/) in the morning along with a 13-second spot announcing the webinar “tonight at 7:30!!!”

So why not join my debut train wreck?

You can watch me potentially crash and burn during my 18-minutes of fame!! Or, it might be a very interesting 18 minutes – you could learn something that might save your life, too.

Log on and register your spot now.

Click here to see my story! Click on the large box on the bottom right that says "attend a free online interactive forum."  You will be asked for your name and phone number to register.  Then you will be sent to a list of forums to choose.  I will be on the forum for 9/15 at 7:30 hosted by (yours truly) a patient ambassador.  It takes 2 minutes to register and make the phone call to conenct you to the website.  I'll see you there!!!

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  1. I watched the video. You're such an inspiration! I can't wait to have mine someday.