Sunday, September 26, 2010

Countdown 3...2...1

*10* Random Things about Me:

1. I have 2 sets of twin girls, 21 months apart
2. E.T. was filmed across the street from my house when I was a kid; our house can be seen in several scenes.
3. I am a new blogger.
4. I just moved 4 miles from where I was born, which is about an hour from the area where I had lived since I was 9.
5. I would take home every stray or wounded cat, if I could.
6. Each of my girls were hired on 4 TV shows when they were infants, though some got more screen time than others.
7. I met my husband on a free online dating service.
8. I spent a month in Japan when I was a teenager.
9. I can move each eye independent from the other.
10. Tomorrow is my 7th wedding anniversary.

*9* Things I Love

1. My God
2. My family
3. My freedom
4. My job(s)
5. My blessings
6. My friends
7. That I live in Southern California
8. Driving
9. Food (especially when driving!)

*8* Things I Hate:

1. Body odor
2. Cigarette smoke
3. Other people making me wait (including my own kids!)
4. Moms who insist on “their way is the best/only way” without first walking a mile in the shoes of others.
5. Lukewarm food – unless it’s intended to be that way
6. Exercise
7. Telecommunication failures
8. Housekeeping

*7* Ways to Annoy Me:

1. Require me to repeat instructions more than twice
2. Ignore me
3. Make me wait for you
4. Distrust me
5. Fail to keep your promise
6. Flake on me or blow off commitments
7. Fail to keep an eye on YOUR children

*6* Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Go to Europe and somewhere exotically tropical
2. Lose 200 pounds (only 170 to go!)
3. Be a light in my world
4. Raise up my children to be exceptional people
5. Hold all of my future grandchildren
6. Become financially secure (or super rich)

*5* Things I'm Afraid Of:

1. Dying, before my life is over
2. My #2 getting stung by a bee or getting exposed to peanuts or raw eggs, when I’m not there
3. Being financially overburdened
4. Car accidents
5. Losing a child

*4* Things I Want:

1. About $5 million
2. (Another) newer house with a larger garage and kitchen, and 2 extra bedrooms
3. Free flex childcare for the next 5 years
4. My #2 to get into the same preschool class her sister is in… SOON.

*3* Things I do Everyday:

1. Love on my children
2. Spend too much time on my cell/computer
3. Smile

*2* Things I Want to Do Right Now:

1. Eat about 2 tons of burgers, seafood, salad and rich chocolate cake or brownies – without consequences!
2. Take a nap or a shower (but, no… I have to spend that time blogging, don’t I?? Dumb choice, Tam)

*1* Thing I am Excited About:

1. Going on a date with my hubby tomorrow night to celebrate

Photo credits:  stuff from all over the place.  Google Images could be helpful.  The wedding pic is mine.

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